Toru Kirianu

Immanuel Preschool provide a very strong relationship that creates a fun learning place for my children.

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Mary Takatianga

Based on my visits and my interactions with the owner and the staff, I believe Immanuel Preschool to be a professional organisation. Immanuel Preschool always strive to be the best they can and have the child at the centre of every activity, excursion and event that is planned and prepared for. Immanuel is very safety conscious and ensure that every measure is taken to keep children safe.

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Sonia Temaru

Immanuel Preschool provide throughout the year some very good programmes and easy to learn workshops.  Both my son and I have learnt so much over the last year. All the…

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Betty Neho

I currently have my grandchild Vania aged four in attendance at Immanuel Preschool and she has been since 2015. I have previously had two other grandchildren in attendance at Immanuel…

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