Immanuel Preschool believes in offering a nurturing, safe, aesthetically pleasing and stimulating environment. Families, Whanau, Teachers and support staff form a strong community working together for the care and education. Our philosophical approach is very distinctive because it incorporates both free choice and structured planned activities to extend the children’s interests alongside Christian values and morals. Immanuel Preschool’s philosophy is encapsulated in our motto “Strong foundation Bright future”. We strongly believe in providing an enriching environment with great avenues for learning that would lay a strong foundation for a brighter future.

Immanuel Preschool management and staff strongly believe that every child has a right to high-quality care and education and so to make it possible we have chosen to provide the quality care and education by creating a great attractive environment and highly dedicated and qualified staff who are passionate about the childcare. It is our privilege for being entrusted with the care and education of your child. Immanuel Preschool believes that children are competent and the family, community and the wider society play a larger role in the lives of the children. A welcoming, comfortable environment, Christian based values, morals, a personalised learning journey books, trips, concerts, parent evenings, dedicated, focussed highly qualified staff make Immanuel Preschool unique.

Immanuel Preschool is privileged to provide an information booklet which covers some of the important aspects of our programme which could be of interests to parents and caregivers. It provides a practical information about the programme, staff who work with your children, philosophy and beliefs on which this institution is based on, the services available for the children, administrative matters including the fees and working hours and other practical issues like toilet training, healthy eating habits, sleeping plan and child to teacher ratio.

Once again thank you for allowing us to provide your child with quality education and care and we would like to welcome you into our closely knitted family centre. If there are any other matters which you require more information on or advice please feel free to see me or take time to talk to the team leader. Thank you for your support and contribution to Immanuel Preschool.

Passionate about childcare and education
Rachel Talapati
Dip Tchng Primary and Secondary
Bachelor of Education ECE
Masters in Economics
Founder, Manager of Immanuel Preschool