Immanuel Preschool provide throughout the year some very good programmes and easy to learn workshops.  Both my son and I have learnt so much over the last year.

All the staff are very supportive and courteous to both the families and children of all cultures, ages and gender that come through the gates of Immanuel Preschool.

The activities offered/provided by the preschool vary, but are all very educational for both my son and I.

Personally, my son has really come along way with his speech, interacting with others (kids/adults), pronunciation, reading and the need to share is very important, due thanks to the staff at Immanuel Preschool.

The preschool offers a great support system to all parties involved with the children’s learning, very vocal with encouragement and an up to date newsletter every week to keep everyone informed of all goings etc……..

Sonia Temaru
(Ngarama Temaru’s Mum)