Immanuel preschool contributing to Strong Foundation which would give a Bright future to your child

  • Implementation of the national curriculum – Te Whaariki.
  • Treating children as individuals.
  • Providing small group opportunities both free choice and structured.
  • The provision of 2 separate areas – for infants, toddlers and young children. This is to provide age-appropriate activities and also to provide a space where learning can be initiated and extended.
  • Providing a flexible transition process for children through the centre.
  • A key teacher assigned to each child.
  • Close communication between areas, teachers, families and whanau.
  • Recognise the diversity of cultural and social backgrounds.
  • Employment of fully qualified teachers who show a commitment to ongoing professional development
  • Access to lots of resources which extends teaching and learning opportunities.
  • Quality interactions between teachers and children.
  • Children’s individual needs, interests, stage of development and abilities are assessed before planning for the individual goals.
  • All children, families and whanau feel a sense of belonging within a supportive environment.

Parent workshops

Immanuel Preschool believes that the first and primary sources of social support for young children are parents. So regular workshops which target oral, visual Literacy, Transition to school, active movement, Role of ICT in young children’s lives etc are organised on an ongoing basis along with parent-teachers interviews. The rationale for engaging parents in early childhood programs through school-related activities is to create a sense of belonging among the children/parents/Whanau. We also know that individual parent involvement in the learning process leads to greater student achievement (Fullan, 1991). Although the research on collective parental involvement in governance is less definitive regarding gains in student achievement (OPSOA, 1994), there is no doubt that such involvement improves the school’s responsiveness and accountability.

Transition to school programme

Immanuel Preschool has a great transition to school programme where children are well prepared to smoothly transition into primary school environment by providing children with opportunities like frequent school visits, buddy system, Inviting new entrant school teacher to take mat times, Library visits, show and tell, transition to school time which involves formal and informal literacy and numeracy activities, basic reading programme etc. Staff observes the children carefully and plans for the child to extend their knowledge, skills and learning by providing them with a wide range of opportunities. There are opportunities for children to work in group situations or independently to explore and discover, develop confidence, self-esteem, perseverance and imagination. Our environment is carefully planned and the resources are displayed carefully so that all the resources are available for the children to explore and choose from. Children learn to work independently and cooperatively and gain skills in communication and negotiation. Immanuel preschool has the great transition to school programme where your child gets to take part in formal and informal literacy and Numeracy skills, interactive sessions on the interactive board, library visits, reading programme and educational trips.