To Immanuel Preschool

The transition programme between Immanuel Preschool and Yendarra school is very successful. The programme is in it 5th year and the children from Immanuel are well prepared socially and academically to start primary schooling due to the ongoing learning relationship we have with Immanuel.

Children from Immanuel Preschool are invited to attend Yendarra School Tuesday and Thursday monthly. This programme is successful for many reasons including:

  • Offering familiarity for the children before they turn 5
  • Parents are able to ask questions of the school
  • Yendarra school is able to share our vision and expectations
  • Share the learning programme with Immanuel Preschool

We have seen an increase in awareness of care for children where children who need special educational services are promptly attended to prior to attending Yendarra School. Children who need support with learning are getting the extra support at Immanuel Preschool and this moves through with them to Yendarra School. This continuity of care has seen improved social and academic progress being made by these children.

Immanuel Preschool invite members of the leadership team to special events and are included in the graduation ceremony held annually. These events allow the new entrant teacher of Yendarra to become familiar with the children, their families and the environment in which they come from. Yendarra teachers have found building the relationship with the parents/ caregivers helps the teacher to better understand the child and the vision the parents/ caregivers have for their child.

Based on my visits and my interactions with the owner and the staff, I believe Immanuel Preschool to be a professional organisation. Immanuel Preschool always strive to be the best they can and have the child at the centre of every activity, excursion and event that is planned and prepared for. Immanuel is very safety conscious and ensure that every measure is taken to keep children safe.

Finally, the children are fully of energy and their smiles say it all. Immanuel children are happy, engaged and learning. That is all any parent would want. Well done Immanuel for your ongoing passion and drive to ensure the children get the very BEST!

Kindest Regards

Mary Takatainga
Deputy Principal
Yendarra School