I currently have my grandchild Vania aged four in attendance at Immanuel Preschool and she has been since 2015. I have previously had two other grandchildren in attendance at Immanuel who are now at Primary School.


Immanuel has provided an excellent academic delivery particularly in literacy and numeracy. Each week a letter, along with a number, a shape and colour are highlighted as the learning to be focused on each week. This was posted where parents could see and allowed parents to assist their children at home with their learning.

Vania has developed in these areas. She can count to ten confidently and has a sound grasp of many of the letters of the alphabet. Her writing and art skills are competent.

Health & Safety

Immanuel provides a safe and healthy environment for the children.

The supervision of the children is constant and reports of any injuries sustained by the children are recorded and reported to the parents. The ratio of adult supervision per ratio of children has been consistent both onsite and offsite.

A request to provide healthy lunches has been issued to parents and good hygiene practices are in place daily.


Vania has developed excellent social skills. Immanuel encourages the interaction and participation of the children. There have been concerts and theme based paegants where parents attend. This enables parents to see how their child has developed and how they interact with other children in a formal setting.

There are cultural celebrations that take place throughout the year and these are acknowledged. This provides the children with an understanding of other ethnic groups within the community.


I have found Immanuel to be an excellent provider for the needs of Vania and my other grandchildren who were in attendance. The staff have been consistent in tending to their developmental needs and have ensured that parents were always aware of how their child was progressing. They are friendly, confident and have always been professional with both parents and children
Vania’ prior to her attendance, was reticent and had no desire to interact with others. She is now confident, willing to participate in many activities and always willing to learn. She has developed a keenness for music and loves to sing.


I commend Immanuel Preschool for the service that they have provided. They have prepared my other grandchildren with an excellent foundation in their transition to Primary School. Their induction to Primary School was met with ease along with their adoption of the process of learning. I am confident that Vania will also reap the same benefits from her attendance at Immanuel Preschool.